About Us

The Australian Water Pump Warehouse is a one-stop online store that supplies a wide range of domestic and professional-grade water pumps in sizes ranging from a small garden water feature right up to our high pressure 30,000 per hour 4-stroke portable water pumps.

We import water pumps directly from the best overseas factories and matched with our low overheads, we are able to offer super low prices on a high-quality range of pumps.

Our Hot Water Booster pumps are really popular with homeowners with the older style gravity fed hot water systems. We have both manual and automatic styles in stock with flow rates up to 55l/min. The automatic models have a water flow sensor that can sense when a hot water tap has been turned on and then the sensor turns the pump on to boost the hot water pressure. We have even exported these to overseas markets including the UK and China.

All our pumps come with a conditional 12 months warranty. Please take careful note of all pump instructions. Most issues relating to poor performance can be traced back to incorrect installation or application.

Please call our office if you need advice.


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