220 Volt Water Feature Pumps – Submersible Aquarium and Fountain

Water features are great in creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your home, office or business. Ideal for pond circulation, fountains or even waterfalls and saltwater aquariums, the following water pumps from the Australian Water Pump Warehouse are amazingly quiet and will maintain the tranquility of your water feature .

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Key Features of Water Pumps from the Water Pump Warehouse

Why use a submersible pump? Submersible pumps feature a sealed motor and pump assembly and are designed to be placed on the bottom of a pool, water tank, dam or other water body.

Their key advantages are:

They prevent pump cavitation or intermittent water supply which can easily damage other styles of pumps

They have a high head pressure which is ideal for emptying a tank or dam. The are self priming and can push water uphill up to 60 meters.

Submersible pumps are designed to operate in dirty water and have filters and stainless steel components to prevent rust or wear.

Our submersible pumps are simple to install without the need of a secure bulkhead. Submersible pumps use the water to act as a coolant and lubricant and do not require a fan like conventional pumps.

Our largest pump in the range has additional features including dirt particle resistance up to 7mm. All pumps are also protected with a durable case and overheat feature for your peace of mind.

How to choose the right aquarium and fountain pump?

When choosing a submersible water pump for your aquarium or fountain, it is important to consider the power the pump can provide. You should also consider the size of the pond or fountain and the type of materials used in the feature.

A pump with lower power may be sufficient for smaller ponds or fountains. However, you will need a pump with more power for larger features or those made with heavier materials. Read the product specifications carefully to ensure that your chosen pump is powerful enough for your needs.

In addition to power, you should consider noise levels when selecting a submersible water pump. Some pumps are much quieter than others, making them ideal for use in residential or commercial settings. Again, read the product specifications to find out how loud the pump is before purchasing.

With these factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect submersible water pump for your aquarium or fountain. Be sure to shop around to compare prices and find the best deal on the pump that meets your needs.

At Australian Waterpump Warehouse, Our pumps are either powered by a suplied solar panel or the opwerate on 220-240 volts. The pumps range from 2,500-10,000 litre per hour water output with the max fountain height decreasing as the output volume increases.

A user manual is included for everything you need to know about the pump and the related features and maintenance required.

We offer submersible water pumps that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use so that you can create the perfect water feature for your home, office, or business. Please browse our selection of submersible water pumps today and find the perfect one for your needs.

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How Submersible Water Pumps for Aquariums Works

Submersible water pumps for aquariums work by drawing water from the bottom of the aquarium and pumping it up to the top. This helps to circulate the water and keep the aquarium healthy. The pumps are submersible, meaning they can be placed in the water without worrying about them getting wet. They are also very quiet, so they will not disturb the peace of your home or office.

Benefits of using Submersible Water Pumps for Aquariums

With so many great benefits, it’s no wonder submersible water pumps are becoming increasingly popular. If you’re looking for a powerful and efficient water pump for your home, office or business, check out the submersible water pumps from the Australian Water Pump Warehouse. You won’t be disappointed!

Here are some benefits:

  • submersible water pumps are incredibly quiet, making them perfect for aquariums and other water features.
  • submersible water pumps are powerful and efficient, making them perfect for various applications.
  •  submersible water pumps create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for any home, office or business.
  • Submersible water pumps are ideal for pond circulation, fountains, waterfalls, and saltwater aquariums.

So if you’re looking for a submersible water pump that is quiet, efficient and perfect for creating a serene atmosphere, look no further than the Australian Water Pump Warehouse. We have a wide range of submersible water pumps to suit your needs, and our team is always on hand to help you choose the perfect pump for your requirements. So why wait? Shop today and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your very own water feature.