Aquarium and Fountain Water Pumps

Water features are great in creating a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your home. Ideal for pond circulation, fountains or even waterfalls and saltwater aquariums, the following water pumps from the Australian Water Pump Warehouse are almost silence to extend the peacefulness of water features.

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Additional benefits from Water Pump Warehouse

Our submersible water pumps run completely underwater, usually after a filter system. Brought by the sound dampening characteristic of water, the pumps are near silence during operation. The low power consumption combined with the high heat capacity of water will not hugely affect the temperature of water than can affect the marine animals in your aquarium.

Our submersible pumps are simple to install without the need of a secure bulkhead. Without the need of mineral oil as a lubricant, aquarium and fountain pumps from Water Pump Warehouse do not pollute your aquarium.

Our largest pump in the range has additional features including dirt particle resistance up to 7mm. All pumps are also protected with a durable case and overheat feature for your peace of mind.

How to choose the right aquarium and fountain pump?

Our pumps can all run on the Australian electricity grid for one less factor to worry about. The pumps range from 2500-10000 litre per hour water output with the max fountain height increasing as the output volume increases.

All the pumps are suitable with hoses and pipes of 2cm and 2.4cm with a unified or removable outlet for your convenience. A user manual is included for everything you need to know about the pump and the related features and maintenance required.

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