Garden and Irrigation Pumps

Australian Water Pump Warehouse stocks a wide range of professional quality 800W-2500W water pumps that suit rain water tanks, solar water systems, gardening and irrigation. Water volumes from 3,000 up to 9,000 l/hr.

For most of the gardens, a water pump is hugely helpful in various tasks whether you are watering your plants or cleaning up the driveway and your vehicles. You might also need one for rainwater tanks and solar water systems. If you are looking to ease your work in the mentioned occasions, those in this selection are just right for you.

Features of our pumps

Products from Water Pump Warehouse are specified to the Australian electrical grid to remove the need for a transformer. All our pumps are protected in a robust casing against mechanical damages while also being able to fit with different hoses and pipes. The ease of operation and maintenance of our garden and irrigation pump range are great for amateur users.

Why do you need a garden and irrigation pump?

Fitting your outdoor water outlet with a hose then covering the end with your thumb might be great for a short distance. But if you have a larger garden or planning to get an automatic irrigation sprinkler, higher water pressure is essential with the boost of a water pump. Garden and irrigation pumps are highly versatile for other usage scenarios including transporting water for a long distance away from the tap and increasing water pressure to clean dirty areas.

How to choose the right pump?

Consider the designated use case for your pump, whether for sprinklers or general gardening usage. The suitable pump for you is highly dependent on the system you’re planning to use for. Especially for sprinkler systems, the chosen sprinkler, the number of sprinklers and the distance to the sprinklers are crucial factors to consider as inappropriate pump pressure could limit the range or operation of the sprinklers.

The flow (in litre per hour), the max lift (the height that the pump can elevate and collect water from) and the head (the maximum height the pump can pump up to) are the essential metrics to view when selecting a pump to fit the scenario you desired.
Addition considerable factors include automatic switching, run-dry and thermal protection and power usage. Pumps with robust housing, adequate cooling and operation rating are great factors to look for as being durable and safe.
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