Garden Pond and Fountain Pumps

Check out the Australian Water Pump Warehouse range of fountain and garden pond water pumps. These solar powered pumps are maintenance free and very easy to install.

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Benefits of Garden Pond and Fountain Pumps

Using solar pond and fountain pumps for a water feature is a good idea for small ponds because the flow of water will help oxygen dissolving into the water for fishes and other aquatic animals. Water features can add character to your garden. And if you have a birdbath, it can attract wildlife for some extra fanciness.

There are 3 major advantages of using solar powered garden pond and fountain pumps:

  • 100 percent solar powered to reduce electricity bill while saving the environment
  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple attachment options for effects such as lighting for the pond and fountain

What’s our difference?

There is a wide range of water pumps for sale on the market. And each is designed for a specific use. Your use case is likely to decide the pump head, flow rate and power supply required, including solar powered or low voltage pumps. Our friendly staff at Water Pump Warehouse is eager to assist with your next pond project.

At Water Pump Warehouse, we have the expertise and experience to help you scale the perfect for your pond to keep the water running. With the right garden pond and fountain pump, you can keep your fountain beautiful while saving energy. We have a number of pumps in stock that are likely to suit your current need. Available for immediate shipment!

Cannot decide? Contact Australian Water Pump Warehouse to get advice.