Portable 4-Stroke Water Pumps

Australian Water Pump Warehouse sells a range of the Giantz brand portable 4-Stroke Petrol Water Pumps. Choose from50m or 160m head pressure. These 230cc 4-stroke motors can pump all day and can move 30,000 l/hr.

Petrol Water Pumps

There has been a demand for water pump as it is a multi-purpose device and can be effectively utilized for a variety of tasks such as heavy-duty cleaning, irrigating the garden, pumping out a flooded basement and more. Fuel-based water pumps, especially portable and petrol water pumps are the most popular and versatile. Petrol water pumps are produced based on different capacity, engine strength and efficiency, so when purchasing a petrol water pump that meets your needs, it requires some factors you need to consider:

  1. Flow Rate: The flow rate means the amount of water pumped out in the given period of time. It is better to have lower flow rates for personal use but must be more than 2500 liters per minute for being effective for larger commercial and industrial needs.
  2. Inlet/Outlet Size: The size of the inlet/outlet is proportional to the flow rate; the bigger the inlet/outlet is, the faster the transfer job can complete. Hence, always take this factor and the flow rate into account together to make sure your portable water pump can work effectively.
  3. Maximum Head: The maximum head means the capability of your petrol water pump can push upwards to a certain high, also known as vertical lift. This factor is the most common use of water pumps in construction and for rural applications. When purchasing a petrol water pump, make sure that the maximum head of the pump is higher than the height you need to transfer your water.
  4. Quality of the engine: The most important part of a petrol water pump is the engine, so it is better to have a petrol water pump coming with a high-quality engine from a reputed brand to make sure reliability and performance.

Water Pump Warehouse stocks a range of portable and petrol water pumps trusted by our customers across Australia. If you need assistance with the choice of right pump please contact our friendly staffs.