Swimming Pool Pumps and Filters

Australians love their swimming pools and Australian Water Pump Warehouse stocks a large range of pumps and filters for all swimming pool applications. We even sell some great above ground pools at very affordable prices. Stay cool this summer with pumps, filters and pools from the Australian Water Pump Warehouse.

A swimming pool is your best friend during the intense heat in the summer. At Australian Water Pump Warehouse, we stock pumps and filters for all swimming pool applications. Above ground swimming pools are also on offer. Stay cool this and every summer after with swimming pool pumps and filters from Water Pump Warehouse.

What’s our difference?

Our swimming pool pumps are highly durable with long-hour operation rating for keeping water in your pool flowing. Not only are the pumps robust, all of them are built with safety features to protect your family and friends. With high flow and low power consumption, our pumps are built to fit filter systems and a fun party with swimming pool.

How to choose the right swimming pool pump?

As for choosing any pumps, the desired application for the pump is detrimental to the required pump specification. For simpler pools, a single pool pump and a filter should be adequate. Yet if different systems are to be used in the pool, including water features and cleaning systems, a multi-pump solution might be required.
Some pumps, like our FlowClear variant, include a filter that it is not necessary to consider the matching of a pump and the filtration system. If pump and filter is purchased separately, the flow rate of the pump should never exceed the maximum flow rate of your filter to prevent damage and lowered performance of the filter.

What is pool volume turnover?

The turnover time of the pool volume is another consideration when choosing a pump and filter. A general recommendation is to fully turnover the entire pool volume once each day. Faster turnover time with 6 hours or less is exceptional to keep a sufficient water movement while offering clean water.

The formulae to calculate a full-day turnover would be:
Total pool volume / 24 = the volume per hour needed
One final consideration for swimming pool pumps is its energy consumption. Despite high turnover is beneficial, extreme turnover rate can unnecessarily increase your electricity bill. Balancing the rate of turnover is an art to master for a clean and soothing summer.
Cannot make a decision? Contact Australian Water Pump Warehouse to get advice.