Giant Hot Water Shower AUTOMATIC ON OFF Booster Pump Gravity Fed System 55 L/Min


Gravity fed hot water system pressure booster pump

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Giant Hot Water Shower AUTOMATIC ON OFF Booster Pump Gravity Fed System 55 L/Min

Giant Hot Water Shower Booster Pump suits Gravity Fed System includes Off/On Flow Sensor


  • Massive 55L/Min
  • 12m vertical head pressure
  • Automatic, flow sensor starts & stops pump when you turn your tap on and off
  • 220- 240 Volt

If your hot water system seems low on pressure, the Silverstone range of Hot Water Pumps is the answer. Gravity fed systems can suffer from low pressure especially in 2 storey houses where bathrooms are upstairs. This pump senses water flow and automatically kicks in to boost the pressure up to 10bar. This pump incorporates a flow switch which starts or stops the pump when a tap is turned on or off.

The flow switch is operated by a gravity flow of 2.0 l/min. The gravity flow at all fittings which require boosting should be checked to ensure that the pump will operate when the outlet fitting is opened. The pump should not be operated for long periods without flow through the pump. Minimal maintenance of the pump is required. Periodically the flow switch may need cleaning depending on operating conditions. That will give you an amazing shower and mains pressure hot water at all your taps (depending on the location of the pump).

Can be used to increase the water pressure of all domestic and commercial showers, baths, sink and taps.


  • Can pump up to 12m vertically (head lift)
  • A massive 55L/Min. capacity
  • Operating temperature range, -10 degrees C to +110 degrees C (over boiling point)
  • Long Life Ceramic bearings
  • Supplied with instructions
  • Heavy duty cast iron body
  • Australian 240 Volt plug
  • Australian Standard compliant
  • Overall size 24cm x 12cm x 9cm
  • Weight 4.48kg
  • Voltage 220-240V
  • Inlet and Outlet 1” BSP, with adapter fittings down to 3/4″ supplied
  • Amps 0.55A, 280 Watts
  • Frequency 50Hz

Great feedback from a recent UK buyer:
“……..this is great customer service pump arrived very quickly, very pleased with this pump. its the same make as our central heating pumps we have over here GRUNDFOS we do have hot water / shower pumps in the UK but alas max is 3 bar & will cost as much as £300 English pounds” C. G., Warwickshire, UK

Please note: Overseas buyers should be aware of their local power output (voltage and Hz) and that customs charges and additional taxes may apply.


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Weight: 4.5 kg
Dimensions: 20 × 20 × 15 cm