New 3 Speed In-Line Hot Water Circulation Heating Booster Solar Pump 1.5″ 53L/m


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3 Speed In-Line Hot Water Circulation Heating Booster Solar Pump

  • 1.5″ BSP Inlet/ Outlet-
  • 53 Litres/minute

This high quality Water Circulation pump can be used in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Hot Water Solar Systems
  • Hot Water heated Hydronic floor heating
  • Cold Water Cooling Systems
  • Closed industrial circulating systems
  • General hot or cold water pumping
  • Very simple installation, operation and maintenance


  • 3 Speed operation, choose the water flow rate that suits your application. 3 is the low setting and 1 is the high setting
  • Up to maximum 53L/Min.
  • Maximum of 10 Bar or 145 psi
  • 6m Head pressure
  • Voltage: 240v/ 50Hz
  • Wattage Speed #1 -46 watt, #2- 67 watt, #3- 93 watt
  • Maximum Head 6m (#1 3.0M, #2 5.0m, #3 6.0m)
  • Heavy Duty cast iron pump body for reduced noise
  • Working temp range -10°C- +110°C
  • Diecast aluminium motor casing.
  • Ceramic driving shaft mounted on graphite bushings
  • Self-lubricated by pumped fluid
  • Stainless steel protective rotor sleeve, stator sleeve.
  • Ceramic thrust bearing,
  • P.D.M. “O”rings.
  • Supplied with male/ female brass adaptor fittings
  • In-line Pump 53 L/m, 6m Head, with 1  1/2″ BSP male  threads/inlet/ outlet.
  • Pump is supplied with brass adaptor fittings down to 1″ BSP male threads

(Please note that this pump does not have the automatic shut-off feature. We also have automatic on-off Hot Water Booster Pumps in our range. Click contact seller for more information).

Great feedback from a recent UK buyer:
“……..this is great customer service pump arrived 6/7/2016 very pleased with this pump its the same make as our central heating pumps we have over here GRUNDFOS we do have hot water / shower pumps in the UK but alas max is 3 bar & will cost as much as = £300 English pounds” C. G., Warwickshire, UK

Please note: Overseas buyers should be aware of their local power output (voltage and Hz) and that customs charges and additional taxes may apply.

IMPORTANT-  properly bleed your water system and pump to ensure there are no trapped air pockets. Air trapped inside your pump can cause cavitation, a lack of water pressure, excess noise and eventually pump failure. 

Additional information

Weight: 2.9 kg
Dimensions: 20 × 20 × 10 cm

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