My Solar Water Fountain Pump Stopped Working?

There can only be a few reasons why your Solar Water Fountain Pump stopped working.

1/ The solar panel needs to be in bright sunshine. It should work as soon as sun hits the panel. It has no battery to store a charge so it does not matter how long the panel has been in the sun. As soon as the sun hits the panel, it should work.

2/ Check the connections. I am sure you have already tried this. You could even reverse them (if that’s possible).

3/ Something small is (ie grit) could be stopping the pump impeller from spinning.

These are low voltage pumps and you are at no risk of a shock.

To get the pump spinning properly, open the back of the pump as shown below. Some models have a small screw that needs undoing.

Wash the parts in clean water and put back together again.

4/ It could be faulty although they are all tested before they are packed.

Water Pump Warehouse diagram how to fix solar water fountain

Water Pump Warehouse Solar Fountain 10-500-116

If you cannot get it going, please take a short 20 second video with you mobile phone showing the panel in the sun, the wires connected and the pump in water but not working.

Please send this to 0412 548 609. We will then contact the manufacturer for advice. They may choose to replace the pump or offer advice on how to start the pump.