Make the most out of your fountain water pump

Fountain water pump

A water feature is a huge plus towards the serenity of a place whether if it is a meditation center or a clubhouse. Having constantly flowing water is also symbolic to wealth in the Chinese culture that, in Fengshui, many will install a water feature in their home.
With the abundant pre-made construction pieces available on the market, creating a water feature in your home is much easier than you think. However, one crucial aspect that requires the most attention is the only working component in the water feature – the water pump.
Despite being categorized at fountain water pumps, these submersible pumps are highly versatile for all forms of water features, including fountains, water streams or water feature walls. All the garden pond and fountain water pumps from Water Pump Warehouse are solar powered for a carbon-zero operation.

Selecting your fountain water pump

After you have decided on the water feature of your choice, its specifications will be relied on for choosing your pump. They include the height that you need, the flow needed and if a filter is needed.
First, you must account for lighting conditions. Because of the use of solar panels, the power output from the solar panel is totally reliant on the intensity of light available. In days of cloudy or overcast weather, the power output of solar panel in cloudy days might not allow the water pump to work at its maximum output to provide the pressure needed for your water feature.
Therefore, it is essential to account for extra headroom when choosing your solar-powered fountain water pump to ensure your water feature still working flawlessly in gloomy days.
Secondly, it will be down to the power of the pump. The height required and flow needed for your water feature will be the main consideration factors.
The pump head, in the measurement of meters, will be how high the water from the pump can reach. And the maximum flow rate, in the measurement of liters per hour or gallons per hour, will be how much water the pump can supply.
See the “maximum” before “flow rate”? This is under the influence of both the power from the solar panel and the height you required. The higher you need, the lower the flow rate.
We recommend a 10%-15% leeway for your pump to account for both the solar panel as well as the overall maintenance of the system. Keeping a water pump under its maximum operation stress can keep it working for a longer period.
Thirdly, as some of you might install your water feature outdoor, falling leaves or insects could block water from entering your pump. Insufficient water or even dry running is critical to the safety of the pump as the motor requires the water for cooling.
If a filter is needed, the flow rate required for the filter to reach its effectiveness should be in the consideration mix as well. Inadequate or excess flow rate through the filter could lead to ineffective filtering or filter damage.

Other friendly features

There are some other additional features to a solar-powered fountain water pump that could add huge benefits to your needs.
An adjustable flow rate, for example, is great for controlling the height of water resulted from the fountain. You can be operating with a lower flow during day operation but maxing it out when you are hosting guests.
An LED light and a backup battery could also be your best choice as it lights up and keeps the fountain running in the night, perfect for a party.

Still got problems?

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