Submersible Pumps are electrically driven motors that convert the electric energy into kinetic energy of the fluid and make it move. What makes these stand out is the fact that these pumps always function when…

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How To Choose The Right Water Pump

Electric water pumps are a fantastic way to move water around your house and your property but there are so many to choose from, how do you choose the correct pump for your application? The…

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How to fix low hot water pressure in your home

Many homes suffer from poor hot water pressure coming from their kitchen or bathroom taps or shower. They either have an older gravity fed hot water system or live on a rural property using tank…

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Fountain water pump

Make the most out of your fountain water pump

A water feature is a huge plus towards the serenity of a place whether if it is a meditation center or a clubhouse. Having constantly flowing water is also symbolic to wealth in the Chinese…

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solar waterpump

How to make your own solar water pump?

Water pumps have a wide range of use in both domestic and commercial scenarios. But, because of the continuous running required for some pumps, you may want to use solar panels to power the pumps…

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Welcome to the Australian Water Pump Warehouse

Water Pump Warehouse stocks a wide range of water pumps and accessories for residential and commercial use. You can order our pumps directly from our easy to use online store or call 0412 548 609…

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