Hot Water Booster Pumps

Australian Water Pump Warehouse imports its own range of highly efficient and affordable hot water booster pumps. These come in either automatic or 3-speed configuration. The automatic booster pumps are ideal for low pressure gravity fed hot water systems. They sense when someone has turned a tap on and the pump kicks in to boost the hot water pressure.

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Do you need a hot water booster pump for your property?

Nowadays, domestic heating systems have been roughly categorized into three systems: gravity fed boiler, combination boiler, and high-pressure gas boiler systems. In general, people who live in an older house are more likely to have a gravity-fed system, renowned for poor pressure and flow. If your heating system is similar to the graphic below, you may find there is cold water storage in the loft and a hot water cylinder in an airing cupboard. This means you have a low-pressure water system and you may need to select a proper tap that works with lower water pressure. Normally, it is possible to have sufficient pressure at the particular outlet if there is enough height between the bottom of the cold water storage and the tap or shower. However, a gravity-fed system will restrict your selection of tap but a hot water booster pump will solve this problem and increase the pressure.

Drawing of a gravity fed system

Why it is a good idea of having a hot water booster pump for a gravity-fed system?

If people suffer from poor hot water performance, since many households owning older properties have existing gravity-fed systems, when considering cost-effectiveness, they would not go to the expense of a completely new system. Instead, a hot water pump will be their good choice as it is the cheapest, quietest and most effective way to boost shower pressure or tap flow from a gravity-fed hot and gravity cold water system. Now, you may realize that your property requires a hot water boost pump for the gravity-fed system but need to know more information about the specification and installation, please contact Water Pump Warehouse, we provide a wide range of hot water booster pumps and we can help you find a proper one working with your system.

Ideal Hot Water Booster Pumps For Better Water Supply

Whether it be gravity, distance from the water source or low water pressure, our exceptional range of automatic booster pumps are ideal for efficient water supply for your premises. If you don’t know then one gallon of water weighs over 8 pounds, so when the water travels uphill or up to several floors, then it requires Water Booster Pumps to get an efficient water supply.
Hot water pumps help in enhancing the overall pressure and flow of water from your faucet or showerhead. With long years of expertise in this field, we have served a wide range of customers all over Australia, and because of this, we are known as the leading hot water booster pump suppliers. You will get peace of mind while performing several daily activities such as bathing, brushing your teeth with hot water booster pump installation at your premises. Whether you are worried about Heat Pump Hot Water Price or quality, our professional range of gravity hot water booster pumps will give you exceptional outcomes.

What Causes Low Water Pressure?

Slow water pressure could be caused due to various reasons and affect our overall lifestyle. The common reasons for low water pressure are Gravity, Distance From The Water Source, Low City Water Pressure, Additional Water Systems, Plumbing Problems, and a lot more other reasons. Buying a professional Hot Water Circulating Pump gives you peace of mind from all the water supply problems.

What Our Hot Water Booster Pumps Offer You?


One-Stop Solution

Our professional range of hot water booster pumps and Hot Water Recirculating Pump offer you everything that you are looking for. Whether it be a timer, electric cord, or valve mounting, our excellent range of comprehensive water pump products works perfectly so that you get a one-stop solution for your water supply needs.

Easy Installation

Our broad range of hot water booster pumps and other water pump products gives you easy installation so that you will be able to use it instantly to get better outcomes. Our product takes less than 1 hour for installation. Get the easy installation and make your life free from daily difficulties with our hot water booster pump installation in Australia.

Save Money

Our exceptional range of products offers you better savings on water billing annually. So, get our affordable water pump products and save an efficient cost on your water billing.
Feel free to connect with our team today and get a professional water pump solution that works efficiently with your household and commercial facility. Contact us today