Welcome to the Australian Water Pump Warehouse

Sorting the needs for water pumps for fellow Australians, Water Pump Warehouse stocks a range of water pumps and accessories for residential and commercial use. For your next water feature or a portable pump, our pumps can offer pressure up to 30,000l/hr.

As a premier distributor of water pump in Australia, we import our pumps directly from overseas manufacturers while matching to the low overheads in Australia. Also because of that, we are able to offer supreme quality products at a very affordable price.

Our hot water booster pumps are particularly popular among our large range of water pumps for gravity fed hot water systems. With flow rates up to 65l/min for commercial applications, our hot water pumps come in manual and automatic options for different applications. These pumps are often exported to overseas market including the UK and China as well.

All products from the Water Pump Warehouse are sold with a 12-month warranty*. Careful following of installation is required for the pumps performing to its rated abilities.

Feel free to call 0412 548 609 for any needs in getting your new water pump.