How To Choose a Solar Water Fountain or Water Feature Pump

We carry 15 different Solar Powered Water Fountain or Water Feature pumps and it can be difficult to choose the right pump for your application.

We divide our Solar Pumps into two main categories. Solar Pumps with or without a battery back-up system. Solar powered pumps without a battery back-up will only work when the solar panel is in full sunlight. This may be all you want in Queensland, but you may find that the pump works intermittently in Victoria or Tasmania.

The Solar pumps with a battery back up either have a Lithium battery mounted to the back of the solar panel or they have a separate battery pack. The pumps with the separate battery pack also allow you to set when the pump turns on or off and you can also adjust the flow rate.

We recommend that you calculate the water volume of your pond or water feature first and choose a pump that matches that volume. If you are trying to get a certain cascade effect, fill a known size bucket with water and pour the water out at the rate you are trying to achieve. If you empty a 10 litre bucket in 30 seconds, you will need a pump that moves 20 litres per minute or 1,200 litres per hour.

If you want to push water up a few levels (ie 1.0m) then add another 50% to the water volume. If your upper level is 1.0m, then you really need to purchase a pump with a 2.0m head pressure to ensure adequate flow.

Here are some guides:

  • Small indoor wall or table fountains, 200-300 L/Hr.
  • Small – Medium statue or multi-level to 800mm high, 400-750 L/Hr.
  • Larger features to 2.0m high, 1,000-2,000 L/Hr.
  • Waterfalls and stream up to 0.5m wide, 3,000-4,000 L/Hr.

As for the pump pressure or head pressure, we usually supply two measurements.

Imagine you had a garden hose with no trigger device on the end. Aim it up vertically and turn it on. The water may spray straight up 2.0m. Then put your thumb over half the end of the hose, the water may now spray 4.0m.

The same applies with our solar pumps. If you use the fountain attachments with a perforated or spray top, the water will spray quite high. If you take of the fountain pipe and put a plastic hose on the pump, the water will not spray as high. Most water features use a hose attachment to direct water to the top of the water feature.

Our listings show a theoretical maximum lift height, achievable with the sprinkler and fountain pipe attachment.

They also list a minimum water lift height achieved with a hose attachment.


If you have any questions, please call Andrew at the Water Pump Warehouse on 1300 607 429.