How to fix low hot water pressure in your home

Many homes suffer from poor hot water pressure coming from their kitchen or bathroom taps or shower. They either have an older gravity fed hot water system or live on a rural property using tank water or maybe are just situated in an area with poor mains pressure. Poor hot water pressure usually means extra minutes in the kitchen while you try to fill the sink or more annoyingly, putting up with lukewarm or feeble water pressure showers. Fitting an electric Hot Water Pump can solve many of these problems.

The causes of poor water pressure can include not enough elevation from the water storage tank to provide enough head pressure to the outlet or maybe the pipes are old and corrosion in the pipes is limiting flow.

Fitting an Electric Hot Water Booster pump from the Water Pump Warehouse may well be the answer, particularly for boosting hot water pressure with a gravity fed system.

The Water Pump Warehouse is a leading hot water booster pump supplier and imports a range of high quality yet economical Hot Water Booster Pumps that are easy to install and can instantly improve your home hot water pressure.

A Gravity Fed Hot Water Booster Pump is a circulation pump that is fitted to the water pipes between your hot water system and the rest of your house. The pumps from the Water Pump Warehouse have an automatic feature with either an internal or external flow sensor so that they will turn on as soon as you turn the hot water tap on and the pump turns off when you turn the tap off.

The flow sensor can sense when water starts to flow past the sensor and instantly operate the pump. The sensor works best when the pump has at least one meter of inlet head pressure to trigger the flow sensor.
The Automatic Hot Water Pumps and Circulation Pumps from the Water Pump Warehouse are easy to install and only require basic tools. However, it is usually recommended that a qualified plumber supervise the installation. The pumps are all 220-240 volt and will require a conventional power point to be mounted near where the pump is to be installed. The pumps are not designed to be mounted outside in the weather. They do require cover to keep the circuitry dry.

These Circulation Pumps have many other uses including boosting water through solar hot water systems, irrigation and even assisting with water circulation for a home made spa.

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