How to select the perfect water pump for your aquarium?

Are you planning to set up an aquarium? One of the most important questions to consider is which water pump would be appropriate for your aquarium? This article aims to help you get the answer to this question.

The job of an air pump inside an aquarium is to maintain the correct amount of oxygen in the water. Your fishes need to breathe correctly to stay healthy. An air pump plays a crucial role in ensuring this. It increases the CO2 and O2 gas exchange, keeping the dissolved concentration of these gases at safe levels. Have you ever noticed bubbles coming out of an air pump inside the aquarium? Those are oxygen bubbles.

Selecting the size and type of your water pump

Various factors come into play when you are selecting an appropriate water pump for your aquarium. You have to consider the following:

  • Filtration: What type of filtration would best suit the type of aquarium you are planning to set up? You must take the advice of a professional before deciding upon a type of filter. It will directly affect the health of your fish.
  • Flow rate: This directly depends on the type of fish you have. Different species require different flow rates. Therefore, doing a bit of research is crucial for deciding upon this factor.
  • Plumbing and head height: Ensure the logistics of the space you plan to set your aquarium in are in place. Ponder upon what type of plumbing would be most convenient for you. Where will you place the filtration system? How is the distance between which the aquarium water will be moved?

Also, will submersible water pumps for your aquariums be adequate, or do you like in-line water pumps more? Both have their disadvantages and advantages; however, if you need professional help selecting water pump accessories, head over to the Australian Water Pump Warehouse.

The information on this website would be adequate to help you understand which water pump would be most appropriate. It also has a fantastic collection of water pumps that you can choose from.