Role of rain tank pump in rainwater harvesting

Collecting rainwater for household chores or commercial objectives is a great idea to use rainwater sustainably. The idea of collecting and using the rainwater for human use is called rainwater harvesting.

There is no problem conducting the collected water to different home areas if the water tank is situated on the roof. But if you collect the water at or below the ground level, you need a rain tank pump to create water pressure. A water tank pump is used in rainwater harvesting as a vital component.

Types of water tank pumps

A variety of water tank pumps are used in a rainwater collection and supply system. These pumps may vary in design, flow rate, power input, and other features.

As two common types, the first rain tank pump type can be a submersible that is supposed to be submerged in the water tank to supply water to the areas where it is needed.

The second alternative is a surface pump that will suck the water from the water surface. This type of water tank pump is suitable for shorter distances.

A rainwater harvesting system in a large building may use both types where a submersible pump will supply water to an intermediate water source. A surface pump will then pump the water again to the final destinations.

Performance factors

Many pumps with many features are available in the market. A house owner will choose a rain tank pump based on pre-defined factors.

These factors include the distance between the water sources and destinations, the total number of water outlets, the size of the pipe, and the difference between the altitudes of the water tank pump and the highest outlet.

Your pump will function better if you have considered all these factors before arranging a water pumping system for rainwater harvesting.

Required components for a water tank pump

A power controller unit for most rainwater tank pumps is a must. A simple switch can do this job, or you can buy a feature-rich device with advanced systems.

Another required component of a water pump is a non-return valve. This valve prevents the water from coming back to the water source. It is primarily an automatic system that cuts the power supply when the water level is too low in the water tank. Efficient water pumps protect your tank from running out completely.

You see that the role of water tank pumps is crucial in a rainwater system. You must buy water pumps from reliable sources after considering all the required factors.