How To Fix Water Tank Pump Problems

Water tank cleaning and maintenance is often overlooked by the owners, not realising how necessary it is for ensuring water quality of storage tank. Many problems can occur due to lack of proper maintenance, resulting in serious health hazards, property, belongings and environmental damages.

Are the water tank pumps in your home or business still working effectively? Before you respond with that question, take your time to check out this comprehensive guide about common water tank pump problems and solutions! As you will find here, many water tank pump issues can be avoided when you keep them well maintained.

Water tank basics for beginners

Almost all water tank pumps have problems at some point in their lives. Some of these issues can be resolved on your own, while others require the assistance of a qualified pump expert. If you detect any of the issues listed below, please contact Water Pump Warehouse for service. Water tank maintenance is relatively straightforward if you enlist the help of expert water pump technicians. You can enjoy appropriate water pressure and cleaner water if you maintain your water tank properly.

A dirty or clogged water tank pump can cause failure

There could be a problem with your water pump if it runs but doesn’t provide water. Foreign matter and debris from the tank might block the pump internals, causing impellers and seals to fail. Run dry failure can also be caused by low water levels in the tank.

Regular maintenance extends the life of your pump.

If your pump/motor system stops working, you may have an electrical failure or a foreign matter seizure. This is one common problem that can be faced by people who have Swimming Pool Pumps. These issues are frequently resolvable on a budget. For servicing and support, contact Water Pump Warehouse.

Maintained will ensure clean, safe water for many years to come

Shorter cycles are one of the most typical issues with water tank pump. Call Water pump warehouse for service and assistance if you find your pump used to run for longer periods but has lately started to run shorter or more rapid cycles.

Short cycles are frequently caused by problems with the pump’s auto pressure regulation or are an indicator of leaking pipes or taps. In addition, the pressure control and the pump’s reliability will be harmed if they are subjected to too many stops and starts over their lifetime. If your water tank pump develops any of these problems, you will likely lose water pressure or your home’s water supply.


All water pump issues should be resolved by an experienced pump specialist. When you call a professional, he will figure out what’s causing the problem and fix it.